Hypnotherapy uses an altered state of consciousness to adjust and fine tune our perception of reality leading to a more desirable state of mind. Much like adjusting the sails of a boat through this change, we ultimately determine where we are heading and which type of sea we sail in.

When doing Self  hypnosis regarding forgiveness I awoke to find myself abreaction to a childhood event. This  was so profound and insightful I found myself asking why had I not been able to deal with this or become aware of it from thousands of hours of meditation and self work. From That day on I had  realised the revolutionary results that hypnotherapy can have in allowing us to specifically magnify examine our past creatively define our future and bring about more peace in our present. Allowing Have more peace express more love and  be more compassionate.

What is my approach to therapy?

Listening to your story
help you change your story
helping you change the story of others.

Person centred

The ability requires not being tied to any particular identity in oneself. I will be who I need to be to help you. I will also develop different types of therapies for you Utilising a variety of different techniques to create an approach that is unique and tailored to your development.
E.g. if you were a gardener the experience of trance may be in a garden if you liked beaches we would probably work with beach scenes it all depends on your preferences as to how I work.  This is how therapy Can be more effective than self-help. I am writing the self-help book just for you and I’m helping you work through it with me.

More than listening

Listening and understanding Your condition or desire to change  is the first step.  It is my responsibility to do more to understand you, rather give you relevant tools and Practices you can use to reprogram your subconscious moving closer towards where you want to be. I often provide a tool Or practice in  the £25 initial assessment.


No two therapy sessions will be the same  the techniques I use and the way I use them so much dependent on who I’m working with.
From listening to you I will develop specific tools practices and techniques that will be specifically developed for you.

With that said here are simple explanations of three disciplines which I have Used extensively over the years.

Hypnosis An altered state of consciousness Where your mind is very relaxed yet focused Is often utilised to increase communication with your subconscious and in some cases collective consciousness.

Myth narrative healing  We generally all love a great story because they call to the hero inside all of us. I will often create a fantasy story based around your life experiences that will bring about useful changes and realisations in you In order to this to be relevant and useful you will be in a hypnotic trance like state when hearing it.

NLP Close examination of the things you tell yourself the language you use and ultimately the programs you’re running much like sluice gates in irrigation system these can be moved and changed allowing us to fertilise new fields and reduce or turnoff for water to areas that are no longer helping us. Nero linguistic programming enables me to help you reprogram yourself. Although many of the techniques and sessions reach far beyond the limitations and assumptions of NLP.

And many more…

For significant change to take place The lock and key relationship between client and therapist is critical.  The principal approach to my therapy is to bring about more love peace and compassion in your existence.

All cases are a customised utilising a amalgamation of tools and techniques. These can be thought of as primary colours therapist has to blend and develop just the right masterpiece, that is most effective for the particular person at that particular time.
The advantage of hypnotherapy in addition to self-help is person centred,guided assistance

Imagine through self-help or reflection you have decided where you want to be, you may even have a few tools that help you get there Yet essentially you’re working  alone The difficulty comes one attempting to reprogram one’s subconscious behavioural pattern we may know for example that we want to eat healthy food but until we understand our subconscious drivers and make the relevant adjustments behavioural change will remain quite difficult and require significant amounts of willpower.

Although hypnotherapy still requires work by adjusting our subconscious motive drivers the motivation and action flows from a deeper subconscious motive meaning that rather than having to will ourselves to eat healthy food we feel compelled to make healthy choices. When hypnotherapy is combined with conventional therapy We are able to change habits and behaviours on a much deeper level once you know what you’re going its comparable to getting on a plane rather than walking.
Compared to conventional psychotherapy and CBT hypnotherapy has been shown to achieve similar results with far fewer sessions.

Hypnotherapy is like buying a ticket on a plane. Compared with walking by yourself or taking a car comparable to conventional therapy.
You need to be clear about your destination and willing to brave a little bit more than the familiar walking or getting in the car but once you fully embrace the capabilities of accessing subconscious and in some cases the super subconscious collective consciousness is or as some people would refer to God.
You are entering a realm of personal transformation that has a capacity to outpace many other therapeutic approaches. It must be stated however that if you don’t know what you want to become what habits you would like to change or effectively where you would like to go, getting in an aeroplane is going to be of little help.

Anxiety (if unspecific may require more sessions)

Fear of flying

Stopping smoking

Phobias all kinds

Habit change

 Nonjudgemental philosophy of practice.

As psychotherapists  it is all too easy too often to potentiate  our own opinions. For example,  if I’m looking at your information  on your assessment and you tell me  you have anxiety relating to work,  I may have the thought that it’s linked to your father. Now this may or may not be true.

However what is most Unhelpfulif I have effective trusting rapport with you and then suggest either in hypnosis or otherwise that it may be because of your father, your mind instantly has permission to make this a reality , that may or may not be helpful to giving you the results you want.

It’s only important if you find it true to you and you mention it. I’m here to help you get results more than  give you reasons.

With that said some of the best results can come from exploring your beliefs or reasons behind your behaviour. What is critical is that they are currently your beliefs and not mine.

I assume you are a superhuman until you show me what you would like to work on:)

This is critically different from looking at what’s wrong with you. I’m Interested in  tools techniques and methodologies we can both use to help you be better*. One of the most challenging aspects to being a therapist is we feel compelled and tasked not to be hypocritical.


I am looking forward to meeting and hearing your story.