I’ve become a therapist through a lifelong journey of discovery enquiry and incessant curiosity about our human and spiritual nature.

Ever since I was young, helping people understand things, has filled me with a sense of joy, nothing else has been able to surpass. With every encounter, I learned more about myself.
I also felt that therapy should be standard conversational practice and I guess I still do feel we should have more time to discuss our feelings. Yet, I realise for most of us, this is not yet the world we live in.  I am blessed to become part of the transition to that world.

The first time someone told me I should be a counsellor was when I was 21. I helped one of my work colleagues in many ways on many different levels and I was surprised how effective my help for her was how it changed  her life.

I quickly realised that I want to make a difference, and the world I see around me seems to be crying out for help. When I ask myself how I can best serve, being a therapist was keep coming back to me as strong answer.

When I invested in therapy for my own reasons, it was a liberating and expanding experience, reliving some of my childhood suppressed emotions and experiences, while self-development would have me believe the past has no bearing on you and this can be true. Integrating it completely into the conscious is something therapy is helping and will continue to help me do.

I was very curious about hypnosis and just wanted to know if it works; how it worked I was amazed at how easily it came to me. I helped my wife to heal a lot of her trauma using simple hypnotherapy tools and NLP, which she found life changing.

The hypnotherapy, NLP and Psychotherapy qualifications were another big formalisation step for me in terms of legitimising and making my amateur love for helping people into a profession; which has been a difficult transition for me but very rewarding.

Qualifications completed in 2016:

Dip Psychotherapy & Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma – Academy of Clinical and Medical Hypnosis.

NVQ L4 Accredited by: NCFE, NCH, HA, GHR

Cert. Stress Management accredited by ISMA ,
The International Stress Management Association Diploma in NLP and Coaching, International Association of NLP Coaches

NLP Practitioner Diploma NLP Centre of Excellence (IANLPC – International Association of NLP Coaches)

The National College of Hypnosis and Psychotherapy modules 1-4

Business Experience
During my previous career (started my first business at the age of 17) I gained great experience working on a one-to-one basis with people when running my computer fixing customer service and also whilst working therapeutically with autistic adults as practitioner.

I am currently also one of the Directors at social enterprise Heal Earth CIC, working therapeutically with children, elderly as facilitator, mentor and educator.

Personal characteristic
Many people who know me say my biggest gift is compassion towards others, listening and ability to empower people to confront their biggest fears and challenges and find effective solutions for them with them. I am also one of these people who are not afraid to ask difficult questions in a courteous way in order to dig deep and hold space for people to heal.My clients describe me as a warm person, who creates a strong feeling of comfort and trust.

The best way to find out if I’m the right therapist for you at this time in your life is to simply book the half an hour free session.
Looking forward to meet you.