Because anxiety is about predicting an undesirable outcome we must remind ourselves that we also have the capacity to predict a desirable outcome.
Also there can be no way of knowing for certain which it will be.

the two sessions will be about understanding how anxiety is affecting your everyday life and giving you a few tools to cope better. 

on a physical level exercise diet breathing will be considered.

on the third session of psychoanalysis NLP we might take deeper look  into your past to examine if any of the fight flight anxiety mechanisms are still causing unwanted response today. If so we will look to bring awareness and integrate these experiences.

In the hypnotherapy session would generally establish a resourceful calm staying that can be used to gently integrate and honour the awareness that the anxiety states you may be experiencing are showing you. If specific situations require attention we can target these.


2 sessions of counselling CBT £50

1 session of NLP psychoanalysis £45

1 session of hypnotherapy. £60


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